Our commitment to understanding emerging technologies is driven by our Research Lab team. We believe exploring the possibilities starts with deep understanding, and our Research Lab lives at the center of it all.

Investigative approach

Through experience, we know that innovative ideas often reside at the intersection of a user problem and a technology hurdle. To develop insights and forge new paths, our cross-functional team members apply an investigative approach to innovation. Using research and human-centered design skills, the team makes space for ideation and validation to occur. Its mission is to work at the forefront of emerging technologies to identify possibilities, explore them, share them and inspire others to take creative risks.

Powering social innovation

We thrive on solving technology challenges, and when the problem is in our own community, volunteering our technical expertise is even more rewarding. We believe sharing our innovation-first culture and technology expertise with others makes our businesses and our community stronger.

Research Lab

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