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Breathing new (code) life into diagnostic software.

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QuinTron wanted to enhance the software functionality of its breath test analyzer, a tool used by health clinicians to narrow the cause of digestive disorders. After years of losing significant time and money working with other development firms, QuinTron looked to Red Arrow Labs to help it move forward quickly.

As a result, health clinicians now have access to better data that helps them identify trends and narrow digestive disorder diagnoses.


QuinTron needed to release their product to market in a short time. Within a few weeks, we ramped up, reformulated and released the software, which was authored by multiple previous software companies.

The next challenge was to improve the software's usability and provide support for multiple languages to open up new markets. The current software prevented clinicians from saving test results after performing a breath test. This meant results had to be manually entered and it prevented the ability to aggregate results to gain better diagnostic insights.

Red Arrow’s first task was to fix a project that was seven years past due, with lots of wasted money spent with a vendor who made our software completely unusable, and they did.

Eric Hamilton, vice president of QuinTron

Finding the right technology partner isn’t always easy. Eric Hamilton, Executive Vice President of QuinTron, talks about working with Red Arrow Labs and what the partnership means to his business.


We worked with QuinTron in an iterative fashion to improve the clinician experience, which included redesigning workflows for existing features while adding some enhancements. The result was faster and more accurate data entry along with more powerful analysis capabilities.

In addition to a more intuitive design, clinicians now have the ability to run a breath test and automatically send the data from the device to the software via Bluetooth® technology.

This new ability to save data, such as patient information and test results, means clinicians can build a patient history without duplicate entry, and aggregate the raw data into a database for further analysis. A new search feature allows clinicians to conduct a multi-query database search to identify trends and help with diagnoses.

Knowing that global distribution of the software was a primary goal, the software was built with five language options baked in, and the user can customize the language even further if they need to adjust terms for their dialect, etc.

QuinTron Breath Tester

Return on investment

With the ability to save and retrieve data, benefits to QuinTron's clients include time and efficiency gains. This includes eliminating duplicate data entry, reducing data errors and adding functionality that lets a clinician set and work in their preferred language. The ability to aggregate data also allows clinicians to conduct further analysis to improve diagnostic capabilities.

By partnering with someone they can trust, QuinTron was able to move forward with its strategic business objectives, including offering products with features that delight its customers and expand their reach into new markets. And throughout the collaboration with Red Arrow Labs, the QuinTron team was able to provide input and test at every development stage.

“Knowing that at the end of each development sprint I would have something tangible that my eyes could see, my hands could touch and my employees could test and give feedback on was a fantastic reassurance and invaluable to us,” said Hamilton.

QuinTron test results

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