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Enhancing health clinic services through mobile technology

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QuadMed, an outsourced provider of onsite health care, partnered with us to create a mobile version of their web-based, personal home health page tool, MyQuadMed®. Patients access the online tool to manage their health care needs, and QuadMed wanted to extend those capabilities to mobile devices. We collaborated with QuadMed to replicate key features from the web version and integrate their backend web services to put information and convenience in the palm of the patient’s hand.


The QuadMed IT team was adept at web development but new to mobile applications. They needed an experienced technology partner to build a user- and mobile-friendly mobile application based on the online tool’s existing feature set. They also needed a solution that would be easy for their development team to maintain after launch.

Before heavy development began, we created a prototype that QuadMed could field-test with real users. We gained valuable insights from these tests and were able to make enhancements to the design before any code was written. Not only did user testing ensure the app was easy to use, it also saved us potential rework time.

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We worked with QuadMed to translate their current site’s online features to a mobile-friendly version. To ensure we were meeting the needs of the users, we employed paper prototyping to test the user interface design before building. This included scheduling appointments, managing communications easily and securely (also requiring HIPPA compliance), reviewing health records, recording and tracking wellness activities, and accessing basic health center information, such as hours, phone, location, etc. Our collaborative approach to user design meant features were both field tested and intuitive.

Usability is always a priority, but equally important was creating a solution that could be managed by the QuadMed development team after launch. To accomplish this, we used a cross-platform tool that could share a single code base, using the development language they were fluent in.

Throughout the project, working in an agile development environment meant we shared our progress with the QuadMed team on a scheduled basis. This enabled them to give us real-time feedback and monitor project timelines.

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Return on investment

From scheduling appointments to viewing health records, the mobile application offers QuadMed patients fast access to information from anywhere and anytime, enhancing the clinic experience and saving time for both patients and clinic staff.

Our development approach included interactive prototyping and integrating back-end services to power multi-device use from a single code base. This ensured the application was intuitive to use, met compliance requirements and was easy for QuadMed’s development team to maintain.

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