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A patient-centric software solution for orphan drug commercial success.

Screenshot of Patient Engagement Solution

Every day orphan drug manufacturers work tirelessly to get their products to patients who need them most. Companies spend millions in research and countless hours in development – all to bring a bit of relief to the more than 350 million people worldwide suffering from debilitating, and often life-threatening rare disease. 


Even after the successful approval and launch of a new therapy, complexity is everywhere. Patients and physicians need better support as they navigate unknowns – from diagnostics to approvals to adherence. Commercial teams want to help, but communication within the care continuum is limited. Data is difficult to capture or analyze as critical information remains siloed within the many stakeholders who sit between the company and its patients. 

The Patient Engagement Solution was developed by the Dohmen family of companies, in partnership with an advisory council of pharmaceutical industry leaders and patient advocates.

- Dale Mittelstaedt, Chief Innovation Officer at Dohmen.


That's why we developed this Patient Engagement Solution, a software solution that expedites onboarding, encourages higher adherence and strengthens brand loyalty by putting the rare patient community at the center of the company's commercial strategy. 

We set out to connect all stakeholders in the rare disease care continuum through a single online platform, from manufacturer to patient—and everyone in between. We wanted to allow users to securely interact through our integrated, transparent, easy-to-use applications in real time via their computer or mobile device. Our solution was developed specifically to manage and influence behaviors, workflows and logistics at the right time.

Return on investment

Our solution provided value to every stakeholder, helping them do their part in the care continuum by streamlining tasks and sharing critical information. Each action and every behavior playing a critical role in getting patients on the therapy faster, supporting long-term adherence and building strong brand loyalty with compliant visibility into it all. 

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