Case Study

Creating greater business efficiencies with a 360-degree view of staffing needs

Neurotech Custom Calendar

Neurotech, an in-home electroencephalogram (EEG) testing service provider, asked Red Arrow to help them improve their overall business efficiency through custom software. Neurotech relied on paper and spreadsheets to schedule staff resources, and many of the out-of-the-box solutions did not meet their needs.


Neurotech wanted to improve how they managed and tracked staff resourcing. Their current calendar, a mix of spreadsheets and free calendar applications, was hampering their ability to efficiently and accurately schedule staffing resources. They were looking for an upgrade and wanted to decrease overall administrative burden. They had looked into out-of-the-box options, but these tools never gave them the flexibility and functionality they needed.

Neurotech needed a technology partner to be an extension of their business. They hadn’t had much success with previous technology partners: communication dwindled as development projects lagged and projects lost continuity from the disruption created by consultant turnover.

From the first time we met with Red Arrow, the collaboration and turnaround time on software enhancements and new features has been impressive, and the feedback we get from our clients has been awesome as well.

Lance Morgan, Neurotech’s Director of Operations

What started out as a few outsourced software projects led Neurotech to build a technology partnership with us that enables them to continue to grow.


Through collaboration and iteration, we worked with Neurotech to deliver incremental enhancements on a regular basis. We created a highly-customized calendar solution to replace an inefficient system containing spreadsheets and free calendar tools. With the ability to view multiple technician schedules across multiple locations, administrators can now schedule the right technicians based on their availability and geographic location.

Through these software enhancements, Neurotech has improved its staffing process. Our solution allows employees to easily see where they are working each day and administrators get a total view to allocate resources efficiently.


Return on investment

Getting to know our clients and transparency is a big component of project success. Taking the time to learn about Neurotech and their business allowed us bring new product ideas to the table. And through our close partnership, Neurotech can get feedback from customers to us quickly, enabling their ability to show responsiveness to meeting customer needs and enhancing their ability to grow.

The ability to work closely with our customers means we gain a deep understanding of their business. This allows us to provide meaningful suggestions and reduce ramp-up time to deliver solutions faster, saving time and money.

“I'm looking forward to the future with Red Arrow. They’ve really helped us grow thus far, and I envision them helping us to continue to grow by offering us new ideas and delivering innovative product enhancements,” said Morgan.


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