Everyone talks about agility and iteration in software and technology development, but not everyone knows how to balance process and approach with user needs.

To do this we combine our more than 159 years in the health industry with our wide experience in software. Users drive the work that we do and the way we do it. Their success is our success!
Team Research Collaborative Brainstorming

We are people first, designers and developers second.

At Red Arrow, it’s all about understanding the users of the software and what matters to them. That’s why we take the time and apply the energy and resources to gather this information early and often. We talk to everyone who is involved in the journey. That’s what human-centered designed thinking means in healthcare.

We ask questions. We listen to feedback. We collaborate.

Nothing is static in health. So, we not only apply iteration to our product development, we sit side-by-side with our industry partners and clients to consistently assess, improve and further enhance our solutions.

It's not a process. It's who we are.