Our core values

The Five Cs guide how we approach our work, and how we treat our customers and each other.


We treat others with respect, and speak with candor. We listen well to promote collaboration and understanding.


We put learning ahead of perfection, act tenaciously in all that we do, and are diligent about understanding our customers’ needs.


We focus on identifying root causes instead of treating symptoms. We believe being inventive leads to great results.


We put our egos aside, seeking the best ideas and sharing information freely. Smarter solutions come from collective thinking.


We take risks. We say what we think, even when controversial. We are unafraid to move forward into uncharted territory.

"Never a boring day!"

Brian E - Software Developer

"You can make a difference on your team and have a voice no matter what your individual role."

Jason R - Lead Business Analyst

"Red Arrow is a fast-paced, challenging, yet fun environment where anyone can impact change."

Mike P - Software Engineer

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