software stages

Discovering where you want to go

Our collaboration with you starts with a discussion. We want to learn about your vision, ideas, challenges, technical constraints, goals, timeline and budget. Through a series of discovery sessions we work with you to uncover the best solution that meets the needs of your users and the goals of your business.

Defining the scope, cost and timeline

We begin with a blueprint to provide a framework for everyone to quickly visualize your application and help define the project scope, timeline and support. Developing high-performing applications requires leaving room for collaboration and exploration, so our blueprint allows for agility in the development phase.

Delivering a transparent development process

We believe that the best ideas come from collaboration. That’s why every project team is comprised of multi-disciplinary experts—all working with you to design, develop and refine your application through an iterative process. You are involved through every stage so you can provide feedback along the way.

Supporting you full circle, and into the future

From proving a concept to application support, our team can jump in at any technology phase you’re in. For full product support, our implementation team can deliver your application to your users. Our application management team can also support and add features to your software as your needs evolve.

What We Deliver


We combine deep health insight with software expertise to develop solutions that fit your exact needs


We know how to build solutions that meet health privacy and FDA regulations


We build future-proof solutions to help you scale quickly and grow


Your software will be easy to use and meet the needs of your users

Speed to market

Our process illuminates what’s working and what isn’t so we can adjust quickly

No surprises

You get to see your software being developed every step of the way

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