Invigorating the technology community

We want to make a difference by creating things that change people’s lives and believe that diversity in thinking forms better ideas. That’s why we actively work to invigorate our local technology communities by hosting and participating in meet-ups and hackathons and sponsoring local conferences. The goal of these events is to create a venue to share knowledge with other technologists and cross-pollinate ideas that tap business innovations to create social transformation.

Creating the technologists of tomorrow

By working with schools, universities and others through education outreach programs, we’re bridging the gap between education and industry. These grassroots efforts are designed to reach young or disadvantaged people, introducing them to the field of technology and inspiring them to dream about the possibilities. These efforts help build stronger futures while building a stronger next generation of technologists.

Community Engagement
We’re proud to team up with these socially driven entities committed to making change in our communities.
Boys & Girls Club
Dohmen Foundation
Marquette University

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