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University Innovation Fellows join Red Arrow Labs for healthcare technology ideation

From digital health wearables to smart medical devices, innovations in healthcare technology are emerging almost daily. As a software technology company that builds digital solutions for health and life science companies, the Red Arrow team thrives on exploring emerging heathcare trends and developing solutions that improve the patient experience.

A big benefit of our new, collaborative workspace is that we don’t need to get out of our four walls to think creatively. And it’s even more rewarding when we open our doors and invite other innovative thinkers to join us for some greenfield exploration. Which is why we recently welcomed 14 regional members of the University Innovation Fellows (UIF) program to spend the afternoon with us, inviting them to fill our writeable walls with ideas that explored the intersection of health care and technology.

Exploring the interesection of health and technology

Our workshop challenged UIF participants to design a digital technology solution that helps a person to better manage their health, all in just two short hours. We provided ideation context based on an agile, human-centered design framework to include researching, interviewing, problem definition, solution refinement, test interviewing, prototyping and pitching.  

To meet the challenge, participants divided into five teams to share ideas on potential health care needs and potential ways to solve those needs through technology. To validate their short list of concepts, the teams interviewed Red Arrow’s UX and business analysts to further define their problem statements, which ranged from managing mental health issues to promoting fitness through crowd-sourced competition. Next, each of the teams ideated on how to best employ technology, followed by conducting secondary test interviews to validate their approach. After refining their concepts, the teams prototyped their solutions and prepared product pitches.

The workshop finale featured polished presentations targeted to a panel of Red Arrow judges and staff. While we likely won’t be building technology that powers nutritionally smart dinner plates or internet access earned through exercising anytime soon, our team was inspired by the UIF members’ inventive approaches to improving health through technology and looks forward to welcoming them again soon!