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Red Arrow to lead development effort for community health initiative

When Dohmen Company Foundation announced that they were partnering with organizations in Milwaukee to find ways to improve public health; specifically to lower the number of fetal and infant deaths, it just seemed natural that Red Arrow Labs join the cause. The city’s infant mortality rates are higher than those of Libya, Cuba, the Ukraine, and 74 other countries globally.

As technologists, we have the power to think creatively and move the needle in ways that advertising and PR campaigns can’t always do. We’ve invited the community to provide their ideas and thoughts on how we can make a change. We are eager to hear the ideas and work with community volunteers to build a solution.

“Philanthropy is changing from a passive process that sits to the side of an organization to one that’s an integrated focus for business. I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish through the Dohmen Company Foundation, but I really wanted to unleash the time and skills of our business to work on some of Milwaukee’s most pressing problems. I believe that organizing innovation talent across our business community could bring incredible power to the task of making our city stronger.” -- Cynthia LaConte, President, Dohmen Company Foundation.

With the support of the Dohmen Company Foundation, in partnership with the City of Milwaukee, and NEWaukee, and with the guidance of the Milwaukee Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families, we invite you to join us in Tournavation; a Social Innovation Initiative geared toward creating a technical solution to address the health of Milwaukee’s women, children, families and fathers.

What is a ‘Tournavation’?

Tournavationis a crowd-sourced idea generation platform that focuses on addressing important issues that face urban communities like Milwaukee. Tournavation includes a gathering of the minds through:

  • Presentation of the issue and established research
  • Open call for ideas
  • Juried review of the idea submissions
  • Live, pitch-style social event at the City Hall Rotunda with presentations of the top 10 ideas
  • Juried panel selection of the most viable, concrete and scalable software solution
  • A six week development life-cycle of the product by volunteer-led technical teams from across the region
  • The donation of that software product to a non-profit advocacy organization in the Milwaukee community

The most viable, scalable and concrete idea will be developed by a coalition of volunteer software development professionals. The software solution will be gifted to the community as a single, tangible step towards improving the health of Milwaukee.

Tournavation Timeline

  • September 28th - October 14th Open Call for Innovative Software Solutions
  • October 1st -  Public Information Session at Dohmen Company
  • October 6th - Public Information Session at Dohmen Company
  • October 16th - Top 10 Ideas Announced
  • October 19th - Pitch Practice for Top 10 Ideas
  • October 20th - Live Tournavation at City Hall
  • October 21st - December 1st Volunteer Development Team Builds Software
  • December 7th - Ribbon Cutting, Gifting and Launch of Software Solution

The Challenge

“In addressing the health of our whole community, we know what experts have long preached: That improving health care and health behaviors alone is not enough. Our health is connected to so much more than just those factors. Healthy individuals result from healthy communities. For too many families today, the odds can be stacked against them. I want to help families beat the odds, but I also want to change the odds. I want every family, regardless of race or the zip code in which they live, to have the same opportunity for a healthy life.” – Mayor Tom Barrett

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