Cynthia LaConte


Owning leadership: LaConte transforms Dohmen

Cynthia LaConte, CEO of Red Arrow's parent company, Dohmen, is the cover story of the November 2-15 issue of the Milwaukee BizTimes. In this story, Cynthia shares her journey from her early career through DDN to the Dohmen company as it stands today.


“Own leadership." That is the No. 1 piece of leadership advice Cynthia LaConte, president and chief executive officer of The Dohmen Co., gives to others.

“Don’t make leading be someone else’s job,” she said. “I think we lose track of the fact that every one of us, regardless of where we sit in a hierarchy or on an org chart, is responsible for leadership. We lead and influence by example, and our behavior has a ripple effect on others. So own it, take accountability for it and bring your best self to whatever you do.”

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