NORD Rare Summit


On the frontline: Creating technology to improve the treatment of rare disease

To create transformative technology you need to be good at (at least) two critical things – product development and user understanding.  But to create that transformative technology in the healthcare and life sciences space, you need to be exceptional at both.

That’s why the Red Arrow team supports and participates in conferences like this fall’s National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) Summit in Washington, D.C. and the CBI Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference in San Diego. Both events bring together hundreds of rare disease patients, drug developers and experts from the FDA and NIH to connect, collaborate and learn more about the rare disease community. A common theme throughout the conversations? The power of technology to connect orphan drug manufacturers with their patients, and bridge the gaps between care management teams, specialty pharmacies, regulators, health care providers and other stakeholders involved in the treatment of rare disease.

Dan Fink, a Red Arrow Product Marketing Associate, attended the NORD summit and shared, “It’s so important to understand every stakeholder’s experiences. Not only does it help us stay ahead of the latest in therapy R&D, care models and patient advocacy, it also shows how our technology is going to make a big impact in the treatment of rare disease.”

Fink is part of the team behind CompassPRM, a patient-centric software solution for orphan drug commercial success. Designed by Red Arrow Labs in partnership with pharmaceutical industry leaders, Compass helps commercial teams manage, monitor and influence the right behaviors at the right time to get patients on therapy faster, keep them adherent and ultimately create powerful brand loyalty. Visit to learn more.