UWM nonprof-IT program


Mentoring our way to a healthier tomorrow: UWM nonprof-IT program

We know that technology itself can’t change anything. But when technology is used by people solving important problems, that’s when impact happens. And at Red Arrow, we are all about impact.

That’s why we are proud to work with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and its nonprof-IT program. The initiative gives students from the UWM School of Information Studies the opportunity to create technology solutions for local non-profit groups.

Nonprof-IT’s focus this semester is on website creation and social media. Red Arrow’s Marketing Strategist, Melissa Howard, is mentoring a group of three students, as they work on developing social media plans for two local organizations. Once the students complete their plans, they will present their final work to the organizations.

“In exchange for real-world experience and class credits, these students are changing the world around them. I’m inspired by their passion for technology and its power to improve our community,” said Howard. “What a great story to tell through smart social media strategies.”

Red Arrow associates are always looking for exciting ways to contribute to the community through their expertise in technology. Got an idea? Contact us.