Red Arrow Labs Exterior


Dohmen sets sights on transformative software for life sciences in new Red Arrow Labs headquarters

Showcasing the critical role technology plays in creating a more efficient, effective and easy to use health experience, The Dohmen Company is celebrating the grand opening of its new Red Arrow Labs headquarters in Milwaukee, Wis.

Red Arrow, acquired by Dohmen in 2014, creates transformative software solutions for life science and health companies nationwide. More than 80 software developers and technology solution experts moved into the 12,000 square-foot building at 200 N. Jefferson Street.

“The US spends double every other country on healthcare and consistently ranks lower in outcomes, so it’s essential we begin to more aggressively apply technology to disrupt that paradigm,” said Cynthia LaConte, Dohmen CEO. “Our Red Arrow team understands the critical importance of that mandate, and they’ve dedicated their time and talents to identifying and implementing B2B software that drives efficiency by putting the patient in the center of the healthcare product commercialization process.”

The two-story facility, originally built in 1967 and purchased by Dohmen in October of 2015, was renovated into a modern, collaborative workspace. The facility now features open floor plans, sliding smart boards, lounge spaces, game areas and even a moss wall to encourage a collaborative, purpose-driven employee culture.

“The building is impressive, but it’s the Red Arrow team that makes the difference. In one corner of the office, we are developing suites of services to empower doctors, nurses or lab technicians with the data and analytics they need to improve the state of healthcare. In another corner, we’re exploring disruptive solutions, such as remote health apps, that will change the face of patient care,” said Dale Mittelstaedt, President, Red Arrow Labs.

With the Red Arrow renovation now complete, Dohmen operates more than one million square-feet of space in seven states, including 81,000 square-feet in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. Dohmen recently purchased the 215 N. Water Street building, home to its corporate team and other tenants, as well as the 42,000 square-foot facility on 190 N. Milwaukee Street, headquarters to Dohmen Life Science Services, a Dohmen division and business process outsourcer (BPO) for drug and device companies.

Dohmen, a fifth generation privately held business, has its roots in the Third Ward, beginning in 1858 when Fredrick W. Dohmen opened an apothecary on Water Street.

About Dohmen

Founded in 1858, Dohmen has evolved from an apothecary to a portfolio of companies, each serving a unique role in pursuit of Dohmen’s vision of creating an efficient, effective and easy to use health experience. Today, we’re a trusted partner to hundreds of companies - from Fortune 500 to start-up – helping them find efficiencies, obtain more effective health outcomes and improve their customer experience. Learn more about the Dohmen family of companies and our commitment to positive impact at

About Red Arrow Labs

Red Arrow creates transformative technology to power a more efficient, effective and easy to use health experience. Whether it’s creating an application that helps patients manage rare disease or a device that helps physicians monitor babies with congenital heart disorders, every piece of software, every mobile application is born from the desire to simplify and improve the patient experience. Red Arrow’s unique process blends stakeholder ideation, user experience and iterative development to fuel progress for life science and health companies. A member of the Dohmen family of companies, visit to learn more.