Around the Red Arrow Labs Office Around the Red Arrow Labs Office

Innovation meets purpose

When developed and deployed in the right way, technology improves a broken healthcare system. It reduces cost. It delivers outcomes. That’s why we are here. We are developing the software to help make that possible. Not just for the next generation. Not just for decades into the future. Our software is making a big impact now.

Innovation meets talent

We are developers, designers, project managers, researchers, analysts and social innovators. We are experts and leaders in our fields with diverse backgrounds. While each of us is unique, the one thing we all share is a passion to create great software that positively impact people’s health.

Innovation meets legacy

As a part of the Dohmen family of companies, we combine our track record of successful software development with Dohmen’s over 159 years of health industry leadership. From day one, the partnership was dedicated to solving health problems through technology. Today, we continue making that mission a reality – one piece of software at a time.